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TASARI KÜRKMOD LTD. is a fur clothing manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler that is known for its high quality, unique design and refined elegance. The company has been an active member of the fur industry in various marketplaces both in its home country Turkey and around the World.

The foundations of the business were laid by the first generation, Mehmet KÖLÜK in 1954, who offered high-quality, upscale fur products to his customers. Committed to represent high quality and unique design in fur clothing, the company was established in Kürkçüler Han, in Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, known as the symbol of exquisite workmanship, quality, and elegance with a 550-year history, where the furriers made haute couture designs and sewed various fur skins onto kaftans, hats, and dresses of the royal families of the Ottoman period.

Extensive experience and know-how in fur business starting from the initiation of the company helped the second generation Coşkun KÖLÜK taking over the business in the 1980s who applied the same on-going ethical business principles and widened the horizons of the company in the following years. In the early 90s, the flagship brand of the company, GATA FUR came on to the World stage. Finally, with the involvement of third-generation Atalay KÖLÜK, GATA FUR secured its place among the top brands in fur industry.

The cross-generational journey of GATA FUR continues today as it designs, manufactures and presents fur clothing to the World with fundamental business principles in mind. The headquarters of the company is located in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul where most of the relevant business processes are carried out.

As GATA FUR team, we strive to present eye-catching, sough-after creations with premium materials and exquisite workmanship to our valuable consumers in the global market. Our goal is to advance our position day-by-day with our modern manufacturing facilities and showrooms with wide array of fur clothing to reach a wider audience of fashion lovers in the World. Fundamentally, we intend to contribute in the fur industry as best as we can with our knowledge, experience and ethical principles.


The foundation of TASARI KÜRKMOD LTD. dates back to 1954. The fur industry’s main hub, Kürkçüler Han, in World-famous Grand Bazaar of Istanbul where highly skilled artisans and craftsmen congregated, is where our work began back in those days. With the involvement of our second and third-generation family members, the business kept growing over the years, that put the brand, GATA FUR on the global map of fur fashion.

GATA FUR bases its business practices on a research and development-oriented mindset. It purchases raw fur skins directly from the World’s selected auction houses and sends them to fur dressers in different countries, ensuring that the fur skins are dressed, processed and colored in line with the day’s current fashion trends. Following the design and research works conducted in its own design studio and manufacturing departments in the headquarters, the already-processed fur skins were then made into fur garments and relevant complimentary products. TASARI KÜRKMOD LTD. constantly aims to present quality, elegance, and luxury to fashion lovers all over the World with its GATA FUR-labeled products.

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